Candy Corn Witch Costume Girls. King Candy Costume. Wonka Bottle Caps Candy

Candy Corn Witch Costume Girls

Candy Corn Witch Costume Girls. King Candy Costume. Wonka Bottle Caps Candy

Candy Corn Witch Costume Girls

    candy corn

  • 50 cals in 15 g pouch (0 fat)– all sugar and salt. Leave ‘em out in a bowl and everyone eats them. They’re like Doritos, you can’t have just one.
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candy corn witch costume girls

candy corn witch costume girls – Rubie's Let's

Rubie's Let's Pretend Candy Corn Witch Costume – Medium (6-8)
Rubie's Let's Pretend Candy Corn Witch Costume - Medium (6-8)
Let’s Pretend today we’re a witch in candy corn colors. Available in Toddler size (fits children 1 to 2 years), Small size 2-4, and Medium size 6-8. Rubie’s brings fun and fantasy to dress-up with the broadest selection of costumes and costume accessories. In business for more than 60 years, Rubie’s also promotes safety in dress-up.

Features include:

•Candy Corn Witch Costume includes candy corn striped dress
•Mini candy corn colored hat and choker also included
•Available in sizes for Toddler as well as small and medium
•Let’s Pretend Collection helps inspire imaginative play, makes a great gift
•Rubie’s brings fun to dress-up with costumes and accessories kids play with all year long

New Halloween Dress

New Halloween Dress
part of the newest batch. I’ve been a big slacker adding pictures of my work lately. I think this would be a cute costume with a little witch hat.

SOLD-Candy Corn Witch Costume

SOLD-Candy Corn Witch Costume
Halloween costume for a 2T girl. In excellent condition $15

candy corn witch costume girls

Preteen Candy Corn Witch Halloween Costume (Large)
Everyone loves candy corn on Halloween! This girls witch costume features a dress made of polyester, cotton and spandex. The torso is orange, with a white chest and shoulder straps. The neckline is trimmed in black and lined with elastic. The waist is trimmed in black where the skirt and torso meet, with a black bow in the front and center. The tutu skirt comprises two layers of shiny, yellow tulle, with black-ribbon trim on the bottom hems. The pointed hat has a black, wire-rimmed brim and tri-colored, candy-corn top. Orange and black-striped sleevelets and black, footless tights are also included. Add our candy corn treat bag and our black patent shoes to complete your colorful witch costume!